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The first question most people ask, is what is a trust? A trust is a legal entity that you control that holds all of your assets - money, property and stuff - for your benefit while you are alive, and then for the benefit of your heirs after your death. 

Your trust is controlled by a Trustee. While you are able to make all of your decisions, the Trustee is you, unless for some reason (and there are many) why you would want someone else to be your Trustee. When you can no longer make decisions for the trust, another person, that you have named (whether it be your spouse, friend, or even a bank) can make decisions for your benefit, in the manner that your trust documents tell them they have to make those decisions.  Think a will is better for you, find out more here.

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At the time of your death, your trust controls everything, nothing goes before a probate court, your estate is not published, A challenge, unlike when your estate goes to probate is unlikely and much more difficult, and your heirs are able to settle your estate in days or weeks, versus the potential of months or years with a will. That being said, with proper planning, a will is all most people need, but in the end a trust is more of an insurance policy to protect your estate from challenges and other issues.  

Our trust packages start at $1,500 for a single person and $1,750 for a married couple. This includes all of the healthcare powers of attorney, financial powers of attorney and all other documents to effectively set up your estate, which is the vast majority of our clients. We also offer a free, no obligation consultation for all of our clients. 

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