Uncontested Divorce

Filing for divorce is a major decision which will lead to a major life change. In a divorce, the parties will be required to divide all of their marital assets and address how all marital debts will be handled going forward. Additionally, the parties will have to put a plan together to determine how they will effectively co-parent.

Coming together and agreeing out how all of these issues will be handled will lead to the quickest, easiest and least stressful route to end your marriage.


Uncontested Child Custody

Much like in an uncontested divorce, an uncontested child custody plan is the quickest, easiest and least stressful route in obtaining rights to your child.

In an uncontested child custody matter, the parents will come together to file a declaration of paternity. In this action, the court will declare paternity of the child, establish a child custody plan and determine child support amounts.