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Family Dispute

Divorce is tragic

You feel like you are drowning. You are lost, your life is over. You ask yourself over and over, what happened, how did I get here? 


It took a lot to fall in love with your spouse, it took even more to fall out of love with them. As a partner something went wrong, now once as a union, you stand divided. If you have children, it becomes even more difficult and complicated. 


Everything is new, hard and confusing

Our friends are not your friends anymore. Our children are no longer ours, but they've become "mine". Weekends are either yours or his, and that's just the beginning or your new abnormal. 

The thing to keep in mind is that your new abnormal is not for the rest of your life, it is temporary. Lawyers, legal paperwork and everything else that overwhelms you is just temporary, and we can help with that.

Let's Start your new  future

Your new future awaits. Your present abnormal reality is short lived. You can get through this, we want to help. Whether you are divorcing from a short term marriage, or with several children at home, we strive to make your divorce as simple and painless as possible.

Happy Woman Waking Up

Whether you are dealing with a divorce, child custody mater, paternity action, or other family law issue, our goal is to give you the advice and counsel you need to make this process as quick and painless as possible. A long time ago a friend that was recently divorced told me that "when I got divorced, we fought and fought until the money went dry, then we fired our attorneys and we were divorced". We don't want to be those attorneys, we want to help you find your new future.   

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