Missouri Record Seal

Arrest and convictions can have a long lasting impact on your life. They can keep you from getting an apartment or even a job. Even if the charges were eventually dropped and there was no conviction, the effect can still be there. Getting your recorded sealed is one way to get a fresh start and help clean up that past mistake. By sealing your criminal record, it restricts access of your record from the public.


What Can Be Sealed

If you were accused of a misdemeanor that was dismissed, the charges were dropped, you were found not guilty or your sentence was suspended, you may be eligible for a records seal. If your charges resulted in any of these four scenarios, your record should already be sealed.  


What Is The Process

Getting a records seal isn’t hard, and you could complete it on your own. Start by filing the Petition for Expungement of Arrest Records form with the court where the offense was committed and pay the $100 fee. In the petition you’ll need to provide your name, sex, race, driver’s license number, current address, list each offense you’re wanting expunged, approximate date of offense and the county and municipality where the offense occurred.


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