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  • Evan M. Howard

Missouri Business Dissolution

A dissolution is the ending of a business. This can be cause by any number of reasons; owner retiring, bankruptcy or just a lack of wanting to continue the business. Businesses can also be administratively dissolved by the state. If your business fails to submit its required annual report, failed to pay its taxes or any of its administrative responsibilities, the Secretary of State can administratively close your business. When a dissolution of a business is voluntary, the owners must file the appropriate paperwork with the Secretary of State. In order to find the required process for closing your businesses doors, you should look to the company’s articles of organization, bylaws or operating agreement. If you have failed to incorporate corporate bylaws or an operating agreement, you will be forced to follow the rules developed by the State of Missouri; The General and Business Corporation Law of Missouri or the Missouri Limited Liability Company Act. There are also filing fees, notice requirements and written consents required when dissolving you Missouri corporation or limited liability company. Hiring an experienced attorney that knows how to help you transition through the dissolution process will help you rest assure you’re following the required laws. Contact Howard Howard Haake at (314) 325-9868 or (636) 332-5555 for more information on the process of dissolving your business.

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