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What is SATOP?

Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program or also known as SATOP consists of an evaluation and classes that you are required to take in order to get your driver’s license reinstated. If you received a DWI in the State of Missouri and had your license suspended due to that DWI, you will be required to take SATOP before you can get your license back. If you accept a plea bargain in your DWI charge, you will more than likely being agreeing to take SATOP before your license is eligible for reinstatement. All valuable things you need to know before agreeing to any deal or deciding to take your DWI charge to trial.

The Process

After you’ve been required to take SATOP, you’ll need to meet with a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional. This is the first step in the process and acts as a screening process to determine what SATOP classes you’ll need to take. During the screening, the Professional will assess your driving record, conviction, actions taken previously on your license. You’ll then be given a written test and go through an interview, both relating to your drug and alcohol usage.

After you test, interview and past record evaluation, the Substance Abuse Professional will make a determination as to the treatment they feel is needed for you to complete SATOP. The fee for this screening process will cost $375.00. After the determination, you’ll be required to take one of the following courses:

  • Offender Education Program (OEP - Level 1)

  • A 10-hour education course designed for lower risk consumers in understanding the choices they made that led to their intoxication and arrest. Costs $130.00

  • Adolescent Diversion Education Program (ADEP - Level 1)

  • A 10-hour education course for minors who may have received Abuse and Lose, Minor in Possession, or Zero Tolerance offenses. Costs $130.00

  • Weekend Intervention Program (WIP - Level II)

  • A 20-hour level of service designed for repeat or high risk consumers using intensive education and counseling intervention methods over a weekend of structured activities. This program is conducted in a restrictive environment. Costs $467.45

  • Clinical Intervention Program (CIP - Level III)

  • A 50-hour outpatient counseling program consisting of individual counseling, group counseling, and group education. Ten hours must address impaired driving issues. Costs $1,067.42

  • Youth Clinical Intervention Program (YCIP - Level III)

  • A 25-hour program for minors who have been identified as having serious problems with substance abuse. Costs $510.20

  • Serious and Repeat Offender Program (SROP - Level IV)

  • An outpatient program consisting of at least 75 hours of treatment in no less than 90 days. Services must include a minimum of 35 hours of individual and/or group counseling. Successful completion of the treatment is left to the discretion of the program’s clinical staff based on the specific needs of the consumer. Costs $1,500.00 (additional costs may apply)

  • Traditional Treatment (Level IV)

  • Consumers presenting for SATOP services having multiple alcohol- or drug-related traffic offenses, or those at a high risk to reoffend, may receive a recommendation for more traditional substance abuse treatment. This treatment may be in the form of a residential or outpatient program but must be completed at a state-certified or nationally accredited substance abuse treatment provider. Costs vary.

For more information on where to complete your SATOP screening: click here.

For more information on where to complete your SATOP courses: click here.

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