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In The News: Missouri Defunds Sobriety Checkpoints

With recent House Bill 4, the Missouri Legislature just passed a bill that will eliminate State funding for local police departments to set up sobriety checkpoints. The Bill passed and is currently sitting with Governor Greitens to be signed.

Previously, the citizens of Missouri were funding local police departments to the tune of $20 million dollar to conduct field sobriety checkpoints. The Bill doesn’t dissuade local and municipal departments to conduct its own checkpoints, just means those departments will not be getting any State funding to conduct these types of operations. The Missouri Department of Transportation Highway Safety has already confirmed some agencies have already cancelled pre-planned checkpoint stops.

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Evan M. Howard is the managing attorney for Howard Law, a St. Louis business law and criminal defense law firm based in Clayton, Missouri. Focused on giving honest, quick and effective representation to all its clients. With a background in business and experience dealing with tough criminal prosecution cases, Evan M. Howard and Howard Law is ready to help guide you through your legal matter.

For immediate help, guidance or advice, contact Howard Law at (314) 325-9868.

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