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Starting Your LLC in Missouri

After deciding that a limited liability company is the best fit for you and your future business, you’re ready to file the articles of organization with the State of Missouri. This article will touch on some of the major requirements, but feel free to go to the Missouri Business Portal for some additional information.

Choosing the Name for Your LLC

Missouri requires your LLC to have a unique name from any other business already registered with the Missouri Secretary of State. You can check the availability of business names in the State by going to the Secretary of State’s Online Business Portal.

Missouri also requires your business name to end with either “Limited Liability Company,” “LLC,” or “L.L.C.” If your business does not have a unique name from any other business in the State of Missouri, your application will be denied.

Articles of Organization

Now that you have your unique business name picked out, Missouri requires you to file your businesses articles of organization. The articles of organization, set out the name of the LLC, mailing address, identifies the registered agent, defines the management types, business purpose, business duration, liability and initial contribution.

You can work with an attorney to develop your company’s articles of organization, or you can fill out the generic form provided on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website. You can register you company either online or in paper form through mail. The filing fee for online filing is $50 or $105 for the paper filing.

Tax and Regulatory Requirements

EIN: An EIN is an Employer Identification Number than you get through the IRS. If you have a multi-member LLC you are required to get an EIN, even if there are no employees. If you have a single member LLC, you are not required to obtain an EIN unless it has employees or you have elected to have it taxed as a corporation.

State Tax ID Number: Depending on the types of business you have, Missouri may require your LLC to have a state identification number.

Business Licenses: Depending on the types of business your company, you maybe also be required to obtain a business license.

Operating Agreement

Operating agreements are the rules that control your LLC. This document lays everything out from how to run day-to-day operations to handing misunderstandings between members. Missouri does not require an LLC to have an operating agreement, but this is an extremely important document for your company and is highly advisable in having when setting up your LLC. There is a plethora of generic, fill-in the blank, operating agreements online, but this document should be set up correctly and be personalized to your LLC’s needs.

Contact Howard Law at 312-469-0758 to help walk you through setting up the LLC that is right for you and your organization.

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