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Creating a will with ease.

A simple will can take care of most of your needs at the end of your life. We help our clients use a will and the various non-probate transfer laws to help obtain the smallest estate possible for the probate courts, or avoid probate court altogether. While a simple will does not avoid probate court completely, with proper and diligent planning a will can work for most individuals.

All of our package include will, powers of attorney (healthcare and financial). We also offer all of our clients free, no obligation consultations. With set rates, our clients know exactly what to expect with no hidden fees.


Single Person

A single will for a single person:


Married Persons

A will for each married person:


Single Person


Simple Will

Durable and Heathcare Power of Attorney

HIPAA Waiver


Married Persons


2 Wills

Durable and Heathcare Power of Attorney (x2)



Free Consultations

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