Missouri Articles of Organization/Incorporation

When starting your business, you will first need to fill out and file your company's Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation with the Missouri Secretary of State. If you’re forming a limited liability company, you’ll be filing an Articles of Organization. If you’re forming a corporation, you’ll file an Articles of Incorporation.


You can either create your own Articles of Organization or can use the State’s form.


You can either create your own Articles of Incorporation or can use the State’s form.


When filing your Articles, you’ll have to name you company. The company must have a distinct name from any other company or limited liability company within the State of Missouri. The name must also include the type of company you’re forming (“Limited Liability Company, “LLC,” or “Inc”).


You’ll need to state the purpose of the business and how long the company will last. You will also need to have a registered agent. The registered agent can be anyone who lives in the State of Missouri. It can also be a registered agent service (there are many businesses that provide this services) or it can be your attorney.


The filing fee for a limited liability company in Missouri is $105 for paper filing or $50 for an online filing, plus tax. The fee for incorporation a corporation in the State of Missouri vary depending on the dollar amount of authorized capital.


While this seems like a very straightforward filing, unexpected issues can arise. Also keep in mind, this is the beginning of your business and incorrect information could push back your company’s state date. Hiring an experienced attorney can help you quickly and accurately guide you through the process of starting your business.

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